The four-in-one infrared thermometer to measure temperature without touching the body.


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The four-in-one infrared thermometer does not need to be in contact with the human body for effective measurement. It has four ways of measuring, which provide amazing effectiveness and accuracy, even alerts when temperature levels are high. They are ideal and suitable not only for adults and babies, but also for measuring the temperature of environments.


Use 4 modes to measure temperature. Frontal, ear, ambient and object temperature.


The thermometer works as an artificial intelligence device, as it is completely digital, and allows an accurate measurement of the temperatures to be evaluated. It has a digital display that changes color according to the temperature measurement recorded.


The infrared thermometer can store up to 40 records of measurements taken. It also shuts off automatically if not used for 15 seconds.

Fever identification systems. The thermometer when measuring the temperature gives an audible warning signal, and through its LED display, where it shows the temperature degrees. If a person has a fever, the thermometer will warn by means of colors on the screen, and at the same time it will emit a characteristic sound.


  • Batteries: 2 AAA
  • Dimensions: 4.6 X 4.6 X 15 cm. 120 g.
  • Manufactured by WUEPS
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  • It has a microprocessor infrared sensor works with great precision and sensitivity, adjusted to its LED display. This allows to read the temperature values in a few seconds.
  • It performs specific readings by means of the three built-in sensors, which can be displayed in units known as Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • It can collect 40 memory banks which can then be exchanged.
  • It is suitable for measuring by means of 4 aspects, such as forehead, ear, environment, up to objects and even liquids.
  • It offers comparison records between normal and altered measurements due to temperature increase, such as frontal, oral, axillary, ear and rectal temperature.
  • Its operation is very simple, since once it is turned on, just point it at the person or object to be measured, and in a few seconds it will make the record.
  • It has an audible warning, which can also be silenced at any time.
  • Its LED display changes color according to the measurement made, so it is also a way to warn if there are high levels of temperature in the measurement.


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